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DORADO HORIZONTAL WINDLASS 800W in Krugersdorp, Gauteng for sale

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Lofrans Dorado Horizontal Windlass is a compact unit that features a vertically orientated motor which is partially below deck. The gypsy still rotates on a horizontal axis well clear of the deck. This gives maximum drop for the chain and rope into the locker as well as minimal footprint on the deck. The combination of these factors means it is well suited to any vessel with minimal foredeck and /or locker space.
Developed as an ultra-compact yet robust and powerful horizontal windlass, the on deck size of the Dorado Windlass has been dramatically reduced by positioning the motor vertically through the deck, making the drop-in installation easy and giving the windlass a very light on deck weight.
Supplied complete with a 800W 12v motor and reversing solenoid control box, the chain gypsy can be released electrically or alternatively manually with the spare handle provided. To release the anchor manually simply slot the handle into the gyspy and loosen the nut which in turn releases the clutch. The speed of decent is controlled by the handle.
Made of seawater resistant alloy polished and anodised, the Dorado Windlass is available with either a 6mm or 8mm marine bronze chain gypsy and is suitable for vessels up to 9m (30ft).
This windlass is capable of handling rope and chain on the same gypsy due to the fitting of a spring loaded finger. This applies pressure to the rope and chain, thus keeping the warp firmly connected to the gypsy.
* Marine aluminium anodised body
* Manual chain release
* Rope chain management by the spring load arm
* Heavy duty rated IP66 electric motor
* Automatic free fall available as option
* Control Box included in package
The Dorado Windlass comes with a manual handle, control box, drilling template, screws and CD manual. It does not come with circuit breaker, switches or chain counters.
* Gipsy for chain: 6mm, ISO 4565
* Gipsy for rope: 10-12mm, 3-strand
* Speed at W.L: 20m/min
* Line speed: 25m/min
* Maximum pull: 650kg
* Model type: Port
* Motor size: 800W
* Net weight: 11kg
* Power supply: 12V
* Type: Low Profile
* Working load (A): 80
* Working load (kg): 80
Box includes:
* Windlass assembly filled with oil
* Dual direction solenoid pack
* Handle or lever
* CD instruction manual
For more info on this product, you are most welcome to give us a call on 083 279 8071 or send an email to, and we will gladly assist you.

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